Location Date
The Man in the Mirror. The Soul in Cornelio Fabro's Thought Talmassons 11-04-2019
Cornelio Fabro. Philosopher of esse and freedom Rome 05-11-2018
Cornelio Fabro: Relevence and Vitality of His Thought Talmassons 17-02-2018
Truth and Society in Cornelio Fabro's Thought Talmassons 21-01-2017
First Fabro Symposium in the United States Washington, DC - USA 01-04-2016
Freedom in Cornelio Fabro's Thought Montefiascone 07-11-2015
Truth, freedom, family: The Relevence of Cornelio Fabro's Thought Talmassons 15-05-2015
20° anniversario della morte del P. Cornelio Fabro Rome - Montefiascone 03-05-2015
Cornelio Fabro Presentation Chillum, Maryland – USA 11-03-2015
Cornelio Fabro: Thought, Being, Trascendence. Toward a Metaphysics for the Third Millennium Rome 23-05-2012
Franz Brentano in Italy: Cornelio Fabro, a paradigmatic case Trieste 22-05-2012
Commemoration at S. Croce a via Flaminia Parish Rome 17-12-2011
Congress on the Centenary of Cornelio Fabro's Birth Naples 14-12-2011
International Congress on the First Centenary of Cornelio Fabro's Birth Rome 07-10-2011
Homage to a Fellow Citizen Flumignano di Talmassons 24-09-2011
Cornelio Fabro's Theoretical and Ethical Commitment Fanna (Pordenone) 25-08-2011
Cornelio Fabro and his Work: Topics on a Living Thought 100 Years After the Fruilan Philosopher's Birth: 1911-2011 Udine 30-05-2011
The Search for God and the Decision of Freedom Reggio Calabria 16-05-2011
Thomism and Modernism in Cornelio Fabro Rome 13-05-2011
Cornelio Fabro and the Era of Secularization Rome 12-05-2011
Fabro and John Paul II and Thomistic Studies Segni 04-05-2011
Cornelio Fabro. Biographical-Chronological Profile Rome 25-11-2010
Partecipation, Fulcrum of Essential Thomism according to Cornelio Fabro Rome 19-11-2010
Cornelio Fabro, Witness of a Whole Century Santiago de Chile 23-10-2010
Cornelio Fabro and Charitas Veritatis Rome 15-05-2010
Cornelio Fabro, A Spiritual and Pastoral Profile Rome 15-11-2008
The Logos in Friuli Venezia Giulia - Figures of Friulan-Giulian Philosophical Thought Cividale del Friuli, Udine 16-10-2008
On the 13th Anniversary of the Philosopher Fr. Cornelio Fabro's Death Udine 02-05-2008
Philosophy and the Problem of Beginning Udine 12-06-2007
Creation and actus essendi. Originality and interpretation of Thomas Aquinus' Metaphysics Rome 27-03-2007
Homage to Cornelio Fabro Buenos Aires 26-05-2006
In Commemoration of Cornelio Fabro on the 11th Anniversary of his death Segni 04-05-2006
Cornelio Fabro. The Problem of Freedom Udine 20-04-2006
Neothomism and Suarezism (Cornelio Fabro's Confrontation) Rome 07-11-2005
Commemoration on the 10th Anniversary of Cornelio Fabro's death Rome 04-05-2005
Esse and Freedom in Cornelio Fabro's Writings Segni 06-03-2005
Cornelio Fabro and Italian Neothomism after the Council Genoa 29-01-2005
Profound intellectual friendship between a Catholic and a layman: Cornelio Fabro and Antimo Negri Frosinone 26-09-2004
Cornelio Fabro's Humanity on the 70th Anniversary of His First Mass Flumignano di Udine 29-06-2004
Cornelio Fabro and the Bertonian Spirit Rome 04-05-2004
Presentation of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project Segni 07-03-2004
Saint Gemma Galgani in Cornelio Fabro's Thought Lucca 19-02-2004
Meetings in preparation for the work of the Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project Segni 23-01-2003
Las principales tesis filosóficas de Tomás de Aquino según Cornelio Fabro Barcelona 13-09-2002
The Roots of Modern Atheism in Cornelio Fabro's Reflections Naples 16-05-2002
The Roots of Modern Atheism in Cornelio Fabro's Reflections Naples 10-05-2001
The Relevence of Cornelio Fabro's Thought Rome 04-04-2001
Presentation of the volume Libro dell’esistenza e della libertà vagabonda Rome 27-03-2001
Existence and Freedom Frosinone 19-11-2000
Cornelio Fabro: from man to God Trevi nel Lazio 04-06-2000
The Roots of Modern Atheism in Cornelio Fabro's Reflections Naples 30-03-2000
For Cornelio Fabro Udine 06-05-1999
Mysticism and Philosophical Challenges in C. Fabro Frosinone 21-03-1999
Phenomenology, Perception, Thought in Cornelio Fabro Frosinone 17-01-1999
The Roots of Modern Atheism in Cornelio Fabro's Reflections Naples 31-03-1998
Cornelio Fabro – The Relevance of St. Thomas and the Interpretation of Modern Thought Rome 12-03-1998
Cornelio Fabro. Witness of Truth Rome 04-05-1997
Esse and its Interpretations. In honor of Cornelio Fabro Rome 10-12-1996
Father Cornelio Fabro, Protagonist of Thomism in our Times Rome 21-11-1996
Cornelio Fabro. Universal Thinker Frosinone 05-05-1996
In Commemoration of Cornelio Fabro Udine 16-12-1995
The risk of freedom in Cornelio Fabro's work Perugia 06-12-1995
In Memory of Cornelio Fabro Fanna - Pordenone 22-08-1995