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Books translated into English

C. Fabro, Introduzione all’ateismo moderno, Studium, Roma 1964, pp. 1017; English translation God in Exile. Modern Atheism, Newman Press, New York 1968; Studium, Roma 1969(2), 2 voll., pp. 1268.


Articles written in English

C. Fabro, Knowledge and Perception in the Aristotelic-Thomistic Psychology, “The New Scholasticism”, XII, 4, 1938, pp. 337-365.

C. Fabro, The problem of Being and the Destiny of Man, “International Philosophical Quaterly”, I, New York 1961, pp. 407-436;  reprinted in Tomismo e pensiero moderno, Pontificia Università Lateranense, Roma 1969, pp. 135-164.

C. Fabro, The Problem of Desperation and Christian Spirituality in Kierkegaard, “Kierkegaardiana”, IV, 1962, pp. 63-69.

C. Fabro, The “Subiectivity of Truth” and the Interpretation of Kierkegaard, “Kierkegaard-Studiet”, 1, Osaka, gennaio 1964, pp. 35-43.

C. Fabro, The Trascendentality of “Ens-Esse” and the Ground of Metaphysics, “International Philosophical Quaterly”, 3, New York-Louvain, september 1966, pp. 389-427;  reprinted in Tomismo e pensiero moderno, Pontificia Università Lateranense, Roma 1969, pp. 319-357.

C. Fabro, Theology in the Contest of a Philosophy of Nothingness, “Theology of Renewal”, (proceedings of the Congress on Theology of Renewal of the Church Centenary of Canada 1867-1967, Montreal 20-25 August 1968), vol. I, pp. 329-355.

C. Fabro, Atheism, from the fifteenth edition of “Enciclopaedia Britannica”, Heilen Hemingwai Benton Publisher, 1974, tomo II, pp. 258-262.

C. Fabro, Freedom and existence in contemporary philosophy and St. Thomas, “The Thomist”, XXXVIII, 3, 1974, pp. 521-556.

C. Fabro, The intensive Hermeneutics of Thomistic Philosophy. The Notion of Participation, “The Review of Metaphysics”, XXVII, 3, 1974 pp. 449-491;  reprinted with the title Zu einem vertieften Verständnis der Thomistischen Philosophie. Der Begriff der Participation, German translation by I. Dorchenas, in Thomas von Aquin, 1981, vol. II, pp. 386-432.

C. Fabro, Actuality. Reality, “Concepts and alternatives in Kierkegaard” (Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana, 3), Copenaghen 1980, pp. 111-113.

C. Fabro, Analogy, “Theological Concepts in Kierkegaard” (Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana, 5), Copenaghen 1980, pp. 96-98.

C. Fabro, Desperation, “Kierkegaard and human values” (Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana, 7), Copenaghen 1980, pp. 126-134.

C. Fabro, Aristotle and Aristotelianism, “Kierkegaard and Great Traditions” (Biblioteca Kierkegaardiana, 6), Copenaghen 1981, pp. 27-53.

C. Fabro, The Overcoming of Neoplatonic Triad of Being, Life, and Intellect by Saint Thomas Aquinas, “Neoplatonism and Christian Thought”, D. J. O'Meara, Norfolk, Virginia 1982, pp. 97-108.


Articles translated into English

C. Fabro, Foi et raison dans l'oeuvre de Kierkegaard, “Revue de sciences philosophiques et théologiches”, Paris, Vol. 32, 1948, pp. 169-206;  revised and updated in A Kierkegaard critique, “International selection of interpreting Kierkegaard”, by H. Jonson Hyoh and N. Thulstrup, New York 1962, pp. 156-206.

C. Fabro, Perché Kierkegaard lasciò Regina, “Dialoghi”, 6, novembre-dicembre 1966, pp. 1-6;  English translation in  “Orbis litterarum”, XXII, Copenaghen 1967, 1-4, pp. 387-392.

C. Fabro, Un maestro di libertà cristiana: Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, "L'Osservatore Romano", 2 luglio 1977, p. 5; English translation in “The Irish Theological Quaterly”, I, 49, 1980, pp. 56-60.


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